Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Kinoteka – Yugoslav Film archive

This is a slight departure for the Belgrade blog but nonetheless deserves attention.

Some will have heard about the Yugoslav film archive Kinoteka - reputedly it has one of the richest collections in Europe and is estimated to be worth millions of Euros. In recent years many films have been stored in poor conditions and its likely that there has been damage to films containing rare footage.

Happily at the end of August the large majority of the archive will be transferred to a four storey building in Kosutnjak. The French government deserve thanks for assistance to the tune of nearly 300,000 Euros as does the Serbian government which finally did the right thing. The Ministry of Culture has secured funds of nearly 600,000 EUR.

For the ‘icing on the cake’ all films that have been recorded on 35 mm reels will be digitally recorded ensuring that old Serbian film will live on for ever.

congratulations to all those involved in making sure this happened including Radoslav Zelenovic the Director of Jugoslovenska Kinoteka.


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  1. Malonso says:

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  2. Yakima_Gulag says:

    That’s wonderful news about the film archive being saved!

  3. miro says:

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    you have nice stuff here

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  6. Andy Sticker says:

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