Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Bekim Fehmiu – In Memoriam

Bekim Fehmiu (born 1936), one of the most famous Yugoslav actors, committed suicide today in his apartment in Belgrade. Reasons behind the suicide are still unknown. Mr Fehmiu stopped his acting career back in ‘87 as a sign of protest against rising anti-Albanian sentiment.  These are the words of his son,

An old but awesome Zastava car commercial

Zastava, the car maker that invented yugo had some really cool advertising back then. And no, the name of this car isn’t Christine – it’s Zastava 101, more famous in Serbia as “kec” or “stojadin”. 

Kuca Poso by Ekrem Jevric Gospoda (with lyrics)

Internet viral hit Kuca Poso by Ekrem Jevric Gospoda. Mr Gospoda has stopped counting millions of views he has on various net video sites, but claims he hasn’t earned a dime because of the viral success. UPDATE: I’ve just been told that he was chosen as one of the models

Dot Yu Domain becomes history

Today at 12:00, one of the last symbols of the Yugoslavian era, if not the last the .yu (dot yu) national top level domain ceases to exist. It was supposed to be gone for some time already, but as it happens with a number of things here in the Balkans,

Domino Lady – Dunja Ilic

In order to fully comprehend the awesomeness of this performance you have to know that the award ceremony itself, “Beogradski Pobednik” is a very unglamorous occasion primarily aiming at middle-aged housewives as its target audience. Having said that, I invite you to hit the play button and enjoy this subtle

Rodjen kao ratnik (born to be a warrior)

Rodjen kao ratnik (Eng: Born to be a warrior) is a cult movie from the nineties. One of those “so bad it’s good” movies, to this day it remains a mystery how and why this movie was made. I would do a review, but I can’t do a better one

Steven Hannington

Steven Hannington – “Mujo kuje konja po mesecu” – a different take on the old Balkan folk song. If you want to hear more performances from this artist on Youtube, click here. Found via @Galebinjo

Stoja – Are you for sex?

Turbo folk again proves that it’s one of the most progressive musical genres. A lot [if not all] of songs will only insinuate that they’re about sex, but Stoja went beyond the insinuating and straight to the point – her new song is actually called Do you want to have

“Zivot i smrt porno bande” teaser (NSFW)

Rich Bitch feat. Mc Milovan – Srbijao

Rich Bitch feat. Mc Milovan – Srbijao (Bitbox video)

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