Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Gaddafi’s Interview for Serbian TV Pink

Colonel Gaddafi just gave an interview to a Serbian TV station Pink, known for it’s turbo-folk and controversial reality TV shows. They managed to get the interview through Zoran Lilic, former Yugoslav president during Milosevic and Gaddafi’s personal friend, who flew to Libya to “facilitate” the process of transporting all

The stupidity test

Milan M. Ćirković, Serbian astronomer and blogger collected an interesting list of 50 things the general public in Serbia is prone to believing, mostly thanks to the uncritical attitude towards the numerous information they have been fed by various media over the decades. You can also test yourselves, the theories

Dick Marty’s Kosovo report – Uniting Serbs and Albanians In Shame

Dick Marty, the Council of Europe member who wrote the report on organized criminal activities committed by the Kosovo Albanian side during and after Kosovo conflict, is more popular in Serbia these days than the Serbian president, prime minister and Ceca combined. He is hailed almost as a national hero by

Wikileaks: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo also mentioned – updates daily!

As I already broke the news on twitter, the new Wikileaks embassy documents, also called the #cablegate, also include mentions of the Balkans region (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo etc) in some of the leaked cables. I’ll be posting the updates as I scan through more interesting documents when they are

UN General Assembly in New York – Kosovo resolution decision

General Assembly of the United Nations in New York will vote today on Kosovo Resolution proposed by Serbia. It is now already clear that all the countries will vote for the resolution proposed by Serbia, but only a couple of days ago the situation was completely different. What has changed?

ICJ’s Opinion on Kosovo’s Independence – The Digest

If you have been following the Kosovo case and heard the opinion of the International Court of Justice in The Hague (ICJ) and still don’t know whether Kosovo is independent or dependent, don’t despair. is here to explain everything in terms that are comprehensible to a mere mortal being

Tomica Milosavljevic – One Healthy Minister

Tomica Milosavljevic is the health minister in current government. And in the previous government. And in the previous. And the one before that. It is not because he’s good, but because he won’t go away. Even after several major controversial affairs, it’s impossible for this guy to admit that he

Srebrenica Resolution: What’s Serbian for ‘genocide’?

Apparently the word does not exist in Serbian vocabulary if you’re trying to use it in a phrase “Srebrenica genocide”. In that case, it is possible to use only words such as “war crime”, “killings” “mass murder”, or as the upcoming Serbian parliament resolution on Srebrenica will suggest – “a

Berlusconi’s Photoshop trick: using Milosevic’s methods?

Way to go Silvio! Learning from the best. Or is it the worst? When this photoshopped photo of Berlusconi came out couple of days ago, there were many here who immediately thought of another dictator – one who had much bigger influence on their lives, of course. click the pic

Dejan Stojadinovic vs Velja Ilic: Is it ok to punch a politician on sight?

So—is it? But what if we’re not talking about a theoretical politician but about an ultraconservative right-wing chauvinistic tycoon-politician who kicks journalists and threatens people? Velimir Velja Ilic, the beaten party in the video is perhaps the best known representative of its kind in Serbia, but among the politicians and

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