Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

iPhone officially in Serbia – rumor

This rumor about iPhone coming to Serbia at an official retailer (mobile operator) has been around since 2008, but it seems this time it’s for real. Even though a lot of people in Serbia already have iPhones, none of them were bought at an official retailer in Serbia itself—those are

Teofil Pancic attacked

Teofil Pancic, columnist of “Vreme” and several other watchdog journalism medias, was attacked[nbsp]last night by two men in a bus to Zemun. He is recovering from injuries made by metal bars, his head and arm are injured but his life is not in danger. The list of suspects is long,

ICJ’s Opinion on Kosovo’s Independence – The Digest

If you have been following the Kosovo case and heard the opinion of the International Court of Justice in The Hague (ICJ) and still don’t know whether Kosovo is independent or dependent, don’t despair. is here to explain everything in terms that are comprehensible to a mere mortal being

Ksenija Pajcin and Filip Kapisoda found dead

Ksenija Pajcin (32), Serbian turbo-pop singer and dancer and her boyfriend Filip Kapisoda (22), Montenegrin model have just been found dead in her apartment in Vozdovac, part of Belgrade. So far, there is a lot of speculation, but the theory that has been confirmed so far is that Pajcin was killed by

Serbian Patriarch Pavle dies

Serbian Patriarch Pavle died yesterday, aged 95. What this means for Serbian Orthodox Church is that a new leader must be chosen in next three months, according to the Church’s law. For Serbian state, the first visible sign of Patriarch’s death is proclamation of three day mourning period, during which

No more Schengen visas from 2010…

... if we don’t fuck something up in the meantime, of course. photo by lilit The decision of the European Commision to allow Serbs to travel as tourists in European/Schengen area without visas seems more and more likely after yesterdays meeting, where, beside Serbian citizens, also Macedonians and Montenegrins are

Ratko Mladic’s home video

Another day, another Ratko Mladic news histery. This time it’s the never before seen videos. And when I say never before seen, I mean that our secret services have been keeping them secret from us, until somehow they got leaked to a Bosnian TV. For some of the videos it’s

Arrested for burning American flag

There are probably a lot of countries where you can get arrested for burning a flag of some country. Serbia is not one of them, according to the constitution. However… Ratibor Trivunac was arrested for burning a flag of the United States after all. Ten days in prison, says the

Miladin Kovacevic – A Million Dollar Baby

The reason this post will be so short, and unusually sarcasm-free is that I was trying to find words to write about this news in some coherent way, but this time I admit – words fail me. I am usually prepared for everything Serbia has to throw at me, but

Serbia and Croatia sue each other over genocide

Year and a half after the state of Serbia was acquitted of genocide charges in Bosnia and Hercegovina, the state of Croatia now got a green light to see if it can prove that Serbia committed any genocide on Croatian territory. Serbia will most likely respond with a counter charge – that Croatia committed ethnic cleansing when it expelled from their homes several hundred thousand Serbs in 1995 and made them refugees to Serbia proper. What are the actual chances of these states winning at court and how much damage they can actually do to each other?

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