Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Timisoara, Romania

The city in the Romanian Banat is almost more worth a visit than the
Romanian capital Bucuresti. There are more parks that you have ever
seen in one single city, besides a few churches and a nice pedestrian
zone in the old town. Don’t miss to taste delicious Romanian meals.
From Timisoara, continue your Romania trip to the Transilvania region
in the North-West of the country and you will be deeply impressed by
the unique nature.

There is only one daily train from Belgrade to Timisoara, even
if the city is just about 200km away. The train leaves Belgrade about
15.30h and the trip lasts about 5-6 hours

If you are travelling by bicycle or car, try to stop on the way to
Timisoara in the Banat town Vrsac; in order to get an impression of how
the Vojvodina region looks like.

photo by Coco Ro


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