Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

The Party City

Sunday Times brings us a report on six world party cities of choice: Milan, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and – Belgrade. Do you see an intruder on this list?

I see five of them: Milan is the fashion city, Amsterdam is the weed city, Paris is the love city, Berlin is the wall city, and New York is New York.

But on meniton of what city does the party come in mind, really? Of those listed, only Belgrade.

Glad we cleared that up – it is rather annoying to have to repeat time and again what Belgrade brand is, after such a long time we spent creating it.


7 Responses to “The Party City”

  1. Michael M. says:

    I agree; only Belgrade belongs on that list. And if I had to make a list, I would also include New Orleans, Las Vegas and Tijuana. Those are all places that qualify as “party cities.”

  2. Does anyone have an explanation to the British love for Serbia? I was at Exit. Thought to practise my croatian/serbian. That was in vain, what did I end up with? English all night long!

    And now this British Times saying Belgrade is the party town of the world?

    Also the clip from Michael Palin shows the party side of Belgrade.

  3. Blackbird says:

    The British love for Serbia? You could have fooled me. But then maybe that’s just the British media, not the real and/or average Brits, who give us the distinct and deliberate impression that all things hateful are found in Serbia.

  4. David Andersson says:

    Perhaps there are two sides of the British media. The unpolitical part (food shows, party lists) apparently loves it. Perhaps they try to balance the political sides pretty biased reports…

  5. Viktor says:

    Due to a spamming nuisance, I had to install this captcha protection… hopefully it will work. Sorry to all for putting you through this kind of crap, but it was really necessary :(

  6. [...] since Belgrade is pretty cheap and generally a party city, where are all those stags and hens roaming the Belgrade streets and passing out drunk on [...]

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