Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

The new Serbian Coat of Arms

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From time to time, it’s possible to see some improvement in this country. It’s only then that you know we are on the right track. One of the things in Serbia that was bad until recently, and it’s completely changed and re-designed so it’s new and good now, was Serbia’s Coat of Arms. coat of arms serbia

I could tell you right away which one of the two coats of arms pictured above is the new and good and which the old and bad one, but I’m sure that you can see that for yourselves, without googling in despair. It is also obvious why it was changed and only now you can see the major differences between the confusing past and the clear present.

Go on then, take a guess – which one is new?

See more great photos at: Andrej_Filev


7 Responses to “The new Serbian Coat of Arms”

  1. ja says:

    one on the left! :D

  2. Media Mix says:

    And we can also see that our monarchy is well and kicking

  3. Danilo says:

    They don’t pay heraldry experts the big bux for nothin!

  4. Alex Great says:

    All Balkan countries should adopt the hyppopotamus on their coat of arms: a big mouth open in vain but up to their neck in muddy waters.

  5. Was looking for info on that. I wrote it off as merely another charge, but I am about to consider it once again.

  6. psuedo serb says:

    both are dated and ugly, over indulgent, over inflated, boorish remnants of a senseless and violent past stained in blood.
    Serbia deserves a new dentity and new vision sans its hideous past.

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