Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Priest blessing a car

Meanwhile, somewhere in Serbia… I heard that some people do this but this is the first time that it’s captured on film. Serbian Orthodox Priest providing a full service of blessing an Opel vehicle: I am not sure if this is a way to protect the car from the potential

Mufti Zukorlic’s photo-montage blunder

Muamer ef. Zukorlic, mufti of the Serbian Islamic community has sued Blic newspaper over a photo-montage of him in an Orthodox outfit greeting the Pope. Regardless of how lousy the photo-montage turned out, I see no reason for this kind of reaction from mufti. In return, he wants an apology

We Are Sailing

Churches. They’re all around us, they all look alike. See one, seen them all. Big bulky buildings with crosses on top. Some are slightly rounded, some more square-ish, but once you see one of them, you immediately know it’s a place where you can go pray. This is where Slavko

Crouching Priest, Hidden Monk

Two words: monk brawl. Video. (ok, that’s three words)

Irinej Gavrilovic elected for new patriarch and other news

This just in: new Serbian Patriarch has been elected – it’s Irinej Gavrilovic of Nis, most moderate of all three final candidates. I guess we should feel lucky. In other news… Like most European countries, Serbia is preparing for the most important event of the year, the Eurovision. Instead of national competition this

Crna Reka boot camp

Disclaimer: video contains some very disturbing images. Stories about drug addicts being beaten as a way of punishment for not following the rules of Crna Reka spiritual/rehabilitation centre have been going around for a couple of years now, but it wasn’t until the public actually got to see the video

Marble Heads

Update on the traditional churches vs human rights law saga. Some complaints by the churches have been implemented by the government, but the churches are still not satisfied. The article about free expression of one’s sexual orientation is really pissing them off. Here’s a bit from what they have to

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