Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

I’ll see your ass in court!

Yes, that’s my country speaking to other countries, or at least those that recognized the independence of Kosovo earlier this year. The UN decided earlier today to transfer the question of lawfulness of Kosovo independence to the International Court of Justice, which seems as a diplomatic battle won on our

Guest Post: Report From Anti-Fascist Rally in Novi Sad

By Andrea Gregory A sea of people filled the center of Novi Sad. Their signs were different. Their flags were different. But on this day, their cause was the same. Speakers talked about the dangers of fascism, problems with in the government that could lead to fascist thinking and that

Neonazis arrested after a police breakdown (updated)

Update: Rachel’s report from the protest. New video: by Dejanovic (more pictures on his myspace) As I said on twitter already, I couldn’t go to Novi Sad today – no good excuse for that really. Luckily, there were several hundred people that did go to protest fascist/neonazi/call-it-what-you-will-but-its-wrong-anyway gathering. Mixed crowd

Neonazi, clerofascist rally, citizens counter-rally planned in Novi Sad

After getting their initial permission to hold the rally in Novi Sad cancelled, the ultranationalistic groups consisting mostly of neonazis and clerofascists decided to hold a rally without it, on 7th of October. The police stated they will react in case of an illegal get-together, but there are also voices

Cultural Melting Pot

Probably you remember the articles about Ganja March, Stormfront forum, the hooligans and the internet fights. Instead of a recapitlation on those articles, it seems that i will rather have the unfortunate opportunity to see all those cultural groups at the same place tomorrow – Republic square, Saturday 5th of

The Stormfront case

For those of you who don’t know, Stormfront is a forum that attracts a great number of neo-nazis, racists and ‘white nationalists’. Being that it is the biggest forum of that kind, it has a great number of members from these areas, and it is mysterious (and sad) that Serbia

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