Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Serbian Movie Reviews: Disturbing Is An Understatement

Remember the trailer for Serbian Movie? It seems that it was nothing and that the film itself is much more disturbing, according to comments coming from the people who saw it at SXSW premiere and who generally, liked what they saw:
“This is a film that left me feeling dirty and assaulted, a film that will surely spark protest and deservedly so.” Twitch Films

“For better or worse, A SERBIAN FILM will mark you for life like few other films have managed.” The Temple of Ghoul

“It’s the kind of movie that grabs you by the collar and drags you through shit you’d rather not.” Aint It Cool News

”...the biggest shocks of the experience come from the fact that it looks like a relatively expensive production, moves along at a competent pace and includes solid performances, indicating the filmmakers’ serious intentions lurking beneath the surface.” Wall Street Journal Blogs

The reactions coming from Twitter are equally strong:
“Serbian Film is the movie that will make Takashi Miike blush”, “I was just traumatized by a movie and it was called Serbian film”, “Once you’ve seen SERBIAN FILM you cannot unsee it. It pushes the limits and is disturbing and I thought it was amazing”, “My friends report that the waitstaff of the Alamo were pissed about being subjected to ‘Serbian Movie’” etc etc, you’ll get tons more if you search for “Serbian Movie” OR “Serbian Film” depending on the translation.

I’m still not sure if I have the guts to see this movie.


7 Responses to “Serbian Movie Reviews: Disturbing Is An Understatement”

  1. cvecara says:

    This is the best film in the World!

  2. timmyj says:

    terrible movie…...not a good theme, not interesting….....waste of time…more of a porno with a ****** ending….worst movie ever made…i feel cheated on an hour and a half of my life….two thumbs way down

  3. timmyj says:

    hostile 2 made this look like a joke….the ending of hostile 2 i about threw up and turned my head….....cannibal holocaust is way worse then this

  4. timmyj says:

    but i would never let my girlfriend watch this film

  5. Reid Kogler says:

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  6. Unreal says:

    As someone who collects movies, good, bad, great, whatever, A Serbian Film is the only movie I ever felt the need to get rid of from my collection. I’m no lite weight when it comes to raunchy movies, but this film went to far for me. Yes its just a movie, but even still I think the movie was beyond sickening and made me want to puke. I don’t find that entertaining.

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