Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Serbian girls – hot or not?

This subject had to come up sooner or later, you know.
But I was hoping that something else will trigger it other than your usual drooling foreign guys impressions you see on net or hear from various sources: “Dude, they have the most beautiful girls there, I swear!” or “Man, Serbia is heaven on earth as for the girls are concerned!” or stuff like that.

No, I had to wait for at least a couple of women to mention it in order to conclude that there just might be something in all these drooling guys’ claims. And here they are:

Maggie Alderson, of Sydney Morning Herald :

“The whole thing was like some kind of genetic experiment. It was clearly just the national body shape.”

and Rosmary on her blog couple of days ago:

“If Tyra Banks saw an entire town of women like these while scouting for her America’s Next Top Model show, the top of her head would pop off. It would be too much to choose from, overwhelming.”

National body shape? Too much to choose from? Something is clearly going on here. Is it even possible to determine in one nation or in one region, say, that the women are, even generally speaking, better looking than somewhere else? Or is it just another stereotype? Well, even if it is, at least it’s a good kind of stereotype. I think. And what about us guys? Nobody mentions us, I guess we have to conclude that we are average joes. Oh well.

The best thing to to is to try and judge by yourself:

GBH: Gorgeous Belgrade Hotties – video powered by Metacafe

Just your average, everyday Belgrade girl-next-door in Knez Mihailova street:

(photo by Roske)

Update – March 2008several hot Balkan babes as Big Brother VIP contestants

Maybe it’s just the way girls dress and the time they invest in dressing up. I don’t know what to think anymore, seriously. You?


685 Responses to “Serbian girls – hot or not?”

  1. miyazaki says:

    There is so much hate on this thread _

    I’m from England and I went to Serbia in the Summer…went to Beograd and Požega. I met some really amazing people and had such an awesome time! So much so, that I’m going back in a few days to stay and hang out with the people I met. I thought the girls were HOT and the people in general were so friendly, nice and intelligent… So many people spoke great English which was pretty impressive and admirable…even random people I met in the street, we ended up drinking and joking together for hours.
    I learnt some Serbian, but only things that would end up starting fights :/.

    Either way, Serbia is cool…I’d like to properly explore the rest of the Balkans. You guys have some brutal history and most people there are really passionate about politics, which is a passion that I don’t have..I’m fairly ignorant to my country’s historical and political matters, but hey….

    The women there (at least to me) seemed sexy as hell. I met a beautiful girl there on my last day and she asked to see me the day after but I couldn’t as i was flying home which sucked…I recently broke up with my Spanish girlfriend so hopefully I’ll meet a nice Serbian girl next week ayyy? ;) . PEACE

  2. Jovan says:

    Leave our beautiful women alone you Brit,your country helped bomb these beautiful Serbian women and now you want to hook up with one?
    50 Briish women cannot compare to 1 Serbian women in terms of looks and values.

    England hs some brutal history too. Stay with your fat and lazy British women and leave our Serbian women alone, they are strong women and womderful mothers and the Serbian people need to start having more kids or else we will be a minority in our own country by 2050.

  3. David Cain says:

    Serbian women are hot, but the guys are fuck ugly. That’s why it’s so easy to get laid there, an average looking guy looks 10x better than just about any serbian guy.

  4. saarz says:


  5. Serb says:

    @David Cain
    and you’re tipping that on new years eve,beautiful… :*

  6. My friend emailed me about this post, and I can see why!

  7. Patrick says:

    Hey my girlfriend is Serbian and I struggle to learn the language as I am american. She speaks perfect English but out of respect I choose to learn Serbian.I now attend a Serbian Orthodox church. I will say this to me she is the most beautiful most intelligent woman I have ever met in my entire life. I will be coming to Serbia this spring and then we will visit Dubai for a short time. The only communication problems we have are that of cultural which I am trying to adapt and be understanding. After reading the history of Serbia she and her entire family have a justified reason for disliking me for just being an American. Yet we do love one another. I do not know what to expect when I arrive but based on this wonderful woman the Serbian people are probably the most valued and caring people in the world and I believe that I will be welcomed. Please do not judge me for the mistakes my government has made. I planned to live in Serbia one day and raise a family in this country with unparalleled values. I will tell you this. Serbian males and females are not so vain as to find a partner on looks but rather the beauty within. Oh just so the comments don’t come back that I am fat and ugly. I am 6’1” 190 pounds very athletic and I don’t think I am bad looking. I have been courting this woman for over a year never violated her virtue and will not until we are married out of respect for her myself and her family.

  8. Nikola Cvetkovic says:

    I am a Serb,been living in Serbia for 23 years,,,most serbian women are fakers in everything and they are too full of themselves,even the ugliest ones,they like provoking a lot and once they see they can have you,they just ignore you like you’re nothing..There are exceptions,but this is hot it is in most cases…thats how they act towards serbs,dont know about foreigners..they do love money a lot as all slavic women….They also love “tough guys” and the descent ones even if they are the hottest guys on the planet will be ignored in most cases…well im just saying the truth…I would choose an american or british or any western woman any time of the day even if she is not as hot as a serbian..Western women are open minded,fun,free spirited,know who they are and what they want and are independent..Serbian women are nothing but parasites,they expect you to pay for everything and they just tag along and they are not paying you almost anything cause even when they put out,the sex is so boring and uncreative,all the effort is quite pointless

  9. brank says:

    i am looking for serbian girlfriend , please how has contact number send to me

  10. jamel yılmaz says:

    hii im loking to nice g.f from serbia if can find any nice lady want work there ı want open turkish restaurant in belgrade any lady up 30? pls reply

  11. My question is, Why the h*** would you take or store nude photos on your phone? Blank stare.

  12. Jose says:

    I lived in Belgrade, Serbia for a year and a half, and fell in love with the Serbian people, their culture, and married a Serbian woman. She is comes from a good family with great values, and she is the most intelligent and ambitious woman I have ever met. We are about to celebrate 14 years together. I love my wife very much. We have been there for each others ups and downs. I have learned Serbian and my wife learned Spanish and English.
    I love her family very much and I have always been treated like a son. I have made great life long friends in Serbia, and I visit every 2-3 years for a month at a time. One of my best friends is Milan. My Serbian friends and their families have always had my back and are true friends. I plan to retire in 10 years and we plan to move to Belgrade. I love Serbs!!!

  13. Besplatno tipove za klađenje

  14. behave says:

    Serbian women are very smart – they are not cheap whores, they want guys with money. They are very beautiful because their mixed genetics.

    If you are looking for easy lays, try Denmark or Sweden. Scandinavian women are hot because the Vikings stole the most sexiest women to be their wives. Denmark is more liberal than Sweden (although the tan is uncommon in Denmark). These girls don’t care how you look but how drunk you are. But Denmark/Sweden has highest STD stats in Europe.

    Danish/Swedish girls have lower standards than Serbians.

  15. behave says:

    Much more freedom in Denmark/Sweden.

  16. Jonny says:

    I’m not ugly @ David Cain

  17. hankypanky says:

    would a serbian girl date a south asian .. non-religious and say he was multi-millionaire.. would she still love him dearly or try take all his money? i think serbian girls are the best

  18. Nudity says:

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  19. Eco says:

    I am Romanian and never been to Serbia, however I find what Nikola Cvetkovic says about serbian girls is strikingly similar to my opinion about Romanian girls, and indeed seems to raise a very red flag about the Balkanic – Eastern Europe zone. I thought only romanian girls are like this, but if the serbian girls are too, it seems the situation is really bad. And I can tell Nikola that american girls are probably worse, since romanian and serbian girls were influenced by american movies to become this way. I have to move to the Northern Europe if I want a girl that’s both beautiful AND accessible, with a normal behaviour.

  20. Lion says:

    This is yet the other myth Serb have for their women. Nope, I do not find Serbian girls to be beauties, they have something on them that doesn’t attract me- their faces and their attitudes bear something rejecting.

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  22. Jojo says:

    After living in Serbia for 4,5 years, I totally agree with Lion!!!
    As a matter of fact, in Belgrade you tend to find a significantly higher concentration of good-looking women in certain “high” places (e.g. Strahinica Bana) than in other more mainstream locals!
    Once you see the girls in these places you tend to just into the conclusion that these girls represent the average looking Serbian girl, but soon enough you find out that this is far from being true!
    What’s more, these girls (the so-called “Strahinica Bana Girls”) tend to be hard to approach, arrogant and aloof!!!
    1) Don’t post website(s) with photos of beautiful Serbian women, because in every country exist beautiful women!
    2) Lion’s comment wasn’t actually that much about their “looks”, as it was about their “attitudes”!
    And I happen to agree with him, that even though you do find good-looking women in Serbia (actually their bodies are fine, but forget about the faces…!) their attitude (walking, talking, style, body-language e.t.c.) is not feminine at all!!!
    3) Please!!!
    Why is it that you all Serbian people can’t STAND (!) other people commenting on your negative (AND POSITIVE) sides?!
    Why is it that you always become sooooo agitated and aggressive as soon as somebody DARES (!) to express his own opinion and criticize certain aspects of your nature as people??!!

  23. Ana says:

    The girls you met in Strahinica Bana street are mostly non-serbian girls!!!!
    Go inside the blocks to see real Serbian beauty!
    If u dont like Serbia go on Philippines

  24. Jojo says:

    You are right Anna!!!!
    Come to think of it, most of the girls in Strahinica Bana are obviously from…THE PHILLIPPINES!!!
    You suffer from inferiority complex and serious psychological disorder, clearly demonstrated by your aggressiveness, lack of tolerance and insulting attitude!
    Get over it, or please visit a shrink…URGENTLY!!!

  25. Paulo says:

    jojo, is it true that most of the girls in strahinica bana are from philippines? are you serious? hahaha if so, then AWESOME!

  26. Jojo says:

    No Paulo!!!
    I was simply being ironic with Anna!!!
    The “Strahinica Bana-Girls” are all from Serbia, though almost 50% of them not from Belgrade, but from the provinces of Serbia!
    Have you ever been in Strahinica Bana (a.k.a. “Silicon Valley”)?!

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  30. Doug says:

    I’m married to a serbian woman.

    I’m Canadian as they get 6ft 4”
    Hockey lovin beer drinking party animal.

    My wife is the best most solid woman ever
    We now have 2 kids 8 and 5

    She still drives me crazy with her beauty

    They are wicked in the sack and smokin hot in public

    But…. Don’t kid yourself don’t treat them right
    And they will fuck u up

  31. Drago says:

    I’m a Serbian guy and I gotta say that all Serbian people are generally pretty attractive everywhere Serbs live but our women could be pretty stuck up and bitchy especially the Americanized ones.

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  34. Jeffrey says:

    Lots of Serbs in Britanin and I dont find Serbian girls particularly hot. I would rather be with georgeous Italian girls or Romanians. Serbs are just average and look very fake.

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