Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Presidential Candidate Endorsed by… Bill Gates?

Election day today – I would write something about presidential candidates but thankfully Dejan did it some time ago, and I have nothing to add there – go read his post.

But, for the nerds among us, a curiosity – presidential candidate using Windows desktop wallpaper in his official campaign as well as something at the end of the video which reminds pretty much of some Windows sound. Presidential candidate nr 6. – Marijan Risticevic:

It’s a nice touch, ain’t it – if Mike Huckabee can have Chuck Norris to endorse him, why couldn’t Marijan have Microsoft behind him?

Despite of what you first thought, mr Marijan is not a nerd. His standpoints are not that modern either – he represents People’s Farmer Party. And somehow I don’t think mr Gates approved this video either. Infact, mr Risticevic did not run for president to become president, because he knows he doesn’t stand a chance. He did not even run to see how popular he is. He ran for one reason only – to pick up the cash given by the state to each candidate so that everyone could use the money (around 120.000 EUR) on campaign. Of course, there is no control over how the candidates actually use the money. Therefore, the cost of this video is basically the only expense mr Marijan had – roughly some five euros to make it, I would say, and a couple hundred more to run it few times on some local TVs. The rest of the money – well, you figure it out.

We’ll have more on elections after the second round, on February 3rd. Til then, enjoy in Marijan’s DJ skillz:

Who wouldn’t be so happy in his shoes?


One Response to “Presidential Candidate Endorsed by… Bill Gates?”

  1. Dejan says:

    Somehow, I miss good ol’ nutcases who believed in their cause. E.g. Šećeroski was passionate in his absurd political campaigns and TV appearances, while Marijan’s involvement is very superfluous as it is obvious why he ran for the president.

    At least those new candidates, who are obviously in it for money, allow us to more easily recognize the agenda of “serious” candidates.

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