Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Pesnicenje [Eng: Poetrying] – Poetry Reading Sessions In Belgrade

Pesnicenje, or active poetry training, as the organizers like to call it, is a relatively new urban event. The idea is to allow for poets and poets-to-be, as well as to everyone who feels like a poet, to read their work in front of live audience. Poetry reading sounds boring, because it usually is, but somehow Pesnicenje manages to gather some really interesting people who have some good stuff to share. Plus, the audience is always open and eager to hear new stuff and cheerful so the atmosphere is really positive. Here’s a bit from last night’s Pesnicenje, where you can see Ying Yang performing her youtube hit (mentioned at Belgraded earlier):

recorded with Nokia N900

If you don’t speak Serbian and still want to perform, it’s not a problem, everyone’s allowed to read their stuff in their own language. The winner gets hers/his poetry collection published in a small booklet, which is then given free of charge to all visitors at the next event. Here’s the official website of Poetrying, so go ahead and apply if you have something to show (how to apply: send two of your poems and a little bit about yourself to


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