Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Neonazis arrested after a police breakdown (updated)

Update: Rachel’s report from the protest.

New video:

by Dejanovic (more pictures on his myspace)

As I said on twitter already, I couldn’t go to Novi Sad today – no good excuse for that really. Luckily, there were several hundred people that did go to protest fascist/neonazi/call-it-what-you-will-but-its-wrong-anyway gathering. Mixed crowd of antifascism protesters really: some political parties (unfortunately not all political parties), some NGOs, all fronted by Antifa Novi Sad and few more organizations of more ultraleftist orientation.

The first videos are popping up, this one shows the moment when the police decided that it’s time to arrest ultra-rights, later i will find some more:

Internet reports say that there were 50-100 neonazis, 20 to 30 of them were arrested in this police action. As for the antifascist protest, claims go from several hundred to 2 thousand, I guess it was difficult to judge. I wish there were more people, but since I wasn’t there, I guess I lost my right to bitch about that.

The incident happened when neonazis started shouting at the antifascist crowd passing by and waving Serbian flag with nazi symbol on it – from what I understood Antifa guys and girls responded by shouting back and then the neonazis started throwing stones at them, then the police reacted like they did on the video.

All in all, I am glad that the turnout was pretty good and that a lot of the neonazis were arrested. Unfortunately there were some injured people in the antifascist crowd, hurt by thrown stones.

I will have more reports about this later when i find some more reports on other Serbian blogs and hopefully a report from an antifascist protester. So far, You can see some pictures at Dragan Varagic weblog and Jelena Krajsic B92 blog, as well as comment from Eric on his blog.


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  1. Viktor says:

    Update: there were 56 people arrested, mostly neonazis, but also several members of antifascist rally who also threw stones apparently.

  2. Cvijus says:

    What I really cannot understand are these Nazis. On one side the are for Serbia and Serbs, on the other however they use the Hitler-greeting, use the swastika, etc. It’s really twisted.

    Btw, which nazi symbol was that on the Serbian flag?

  3. Viktor says:

    Someone on B92 blog said that it was a flag with German eagle from 1st WW, so maybe it wasn’t a nazi sign but with similar effect, together with siegheil salutes behind the flag.

    Hope somebody who actually was there can give us some real life report.

  4. ida says:

    There were 11 Slovaks and 8 Bulgarians among the arrested:

    8 Bulgarian Neo-Nazis Arrested in Serbia

    8 October 2007, Monday

    Eight Bulgarian neo-Nazis were arrested on Sunday in Serbian capital Belgrade, Serbian police said.

    The Bulgarians planned to travel to the Serbian city of Novi Sad, where 26 people had clashed with an anti-fascist demonstration later in the day.

    Serbia’s National Front defied an injunction from local authorities, which banned them from having their own march, which they had scheduled to coincide with the birthday of Heinrich Himmler, the commander of the SS in Nazi Germany.

    The police arrested 15 people from the National Front, as well as 11 Slovak nationals, who were found to be in possession of knives, Nazi swastikas, fascist flags and propaganda material.

    The neo-Nazi National Front is led by Goran Davidovic, jailed on charges of spreading racial hatred, and is strongly opposed to the secession of the Kosovo province, populated predominantly by Albanians, from Serbia.

  5. Viktor says:

    More pictures of the rally and the arrest

    You can clearly see on some photos that they did try to organize a pro-nazi relly, not a pro-Serbian rally as they tried to present it.

  6. The cops (as usual) seem a bit heavy handed but I have no sympathy for neo-nazis.

    The right to protest is a fundamental right, even for Neo-Nazis, but stone throwing is a sound reason to stop a rally.

    The general response from the police and anti-fascists is very positive.

  7. Cvijus says:

    Actually the best experience with neo-nazi demos is the German. The Nazis are allowed to protest but under the condition that no nazi symbols can be carried, no arm stretching and no offensive parols. When at least one of them breaks that rule, the police is allowed to break the crap out of them. I find that in order, do your crap, but when you break your rules I can get you in an ambulance to the hospital.

    Yesterdays demo was a test for the future. Everyone has the right to protest, if we want to play it democratic, but some rules have to be set. Once they are broken, hell will be unleashed.

    What I also found interesting were the rhetorics before the demo. The antifas were the most aggresive and violent in their speech, but it turned the other way around. Nevertheless, I was very indiferent toward the whole thing since I heard Canak calling himself an antifa, but calling people to be violent and throw stones in the name of antifascism. Well sorry mr. Canak, but such calls are fascist by them self as well. We don’t want a democratic society based on violence, do we? But nevertheless, I do support more mature anti-fascism and anti-nacism and I perceive nazism and fascism as the twilight of civilization, whether these two notions are left or right on the political spectrum, it’s all same to me.

  8. Viktor says:

    It seems that they are all released, except for Davidovic, because he has commited felony before. I just read on a neonazi forum that their impresion is that the police has actually protected them by arresting them and that “the police considered antifascists a threat because they were masked and in a much larger group, that’s why they were facing them in the beggining, until they got the order to arrest the neonazis.”

    This is of course just a rumor, I repeat, I found it on a neonazi forum.

  9. Viktor says:

    Update: Rachel has a detailed report of the protest.

    Cvijus, violent solution is necesarry when you have stones thrown at you. Calls on violence against someone is a fascist thing to do, but in real life, it was calls on violence against fascists. There is a huge difference, and again, I can’t see how anyone calling on violence against fascists/nazis can be a fascist himself, be it crazy Canak or Antifa or someone else.

    The right thing to do is to set them in a hospital as you said.

  10. Cvijus says:

    The use of violence when your attacked is necessary for survival, but only for defensive reasons and only when attacked. I would have supported any antifa that defended himself against a nazi yesterday, I suppose you agree with me on that.

    However, crazy Canak called for violence before the demo, and as I understood it even if the nazis would make a violence-free march. If that isn’t fascist or what. History has witnessed many nazi Kristalnachts, do we also need antifa Kristalnachts as well and than to fail to see any difference between them and discredit those that are real and genuine antifas? Germany they don’t beat them up just because they’re nazis (only when they break the rule), they’re discrediting them by all means available. If someone who claims to be an antifa and wants to use nazi methods against nazis, then what makes him any better than the nazi either than just don’t liking the nazi ideology?

  11. Viktor says:

    But we are not in Germany, and until we decide to use such measures like they do, these current measures (calling people to beat them up) are perfectly ok with me.

  12. Cvijus says:

    We might as well form “search for nazi” squads and behave like those otpor-beating bullies back in Sloba times. Do you really think that by beating them up will solve the nazi problem? I’ll tell you from Greek experience, it will get only worse, so I don’t suppose you want to end up counting dead, do you? If we want to be a developed,civilized european society, we might as well start behaving like that, and not like typical Balkan punch-is-the-solution people. I thought we want to be a violencefree society, why don’t we start giving examples?

    In every country the call for violence is punishable. In a normal country crazy Canak and luny Davidovic would be in jail. But not in Serbia as crazy Canak is conserned. Him sentencing to jail would be considered as political prosecution.

    PS – Have you watched American History X?

  13. Viktor says:

    Of course, it’s a great movie, but still only a movie and cannot be applied to every situation in real life. Just like Greece is not the same as Serbia, so maybe their way of fighting nazis wouldn’t work here, I don’t know.

    You are overreacting a bit with the whole Kristalnacht comparison – I didn’t say it’s ok to go and hunt nazis, or kill them or anything like that. I just think that i don’t mind beating them if they announce that they are going to demonstrate, march or get together like they did now. And I think Canak didn’t call on people to form squads and search for nazis either. But you are right about one thing, he shoouldn’t have said that only because different people will understand him differently, like the two of us did just now.

    One interesting thing: in Utisak Nedelje he did say that he decided to listen to wiser people than himself and not react like he wanted to when they started throwing stones, so they just kept going without returning to the place where the confrontation took place.

    Canak is too often not a good/responsible politician, but I do think he is a good guy. Comparing him with neonazis just doesn’t do him justice as far as I’m concerned.

    BTW, it seems as if the rumours about releasing neonazis were true… I’ll have it confirmed in following days.

  14. Cvijus says:

    You still don’t get my point. Violence results wit more violence. Violence gives a meaning to a neonazis life and by going to a protest just to pick a fight with them is exactly what they want. What should be done is to break their harmony when they protest, march, demonstrate or whatever by making a parallel protest, march, demonstration or whatever. When antifas are attacked by the nazis, well go ahead and kick some nazi asses, but don’t be the first one to throw the stones.

    I know that I might sound like Aligrudic or Nikolic by equalizing Davidovic with Canak but I’m sorry, Canak may have the best ideals and principles, but as long as he behaves like a primitive fascist, he is no good for me.

  15. bganon says:

    Cvijus I get the principle of no violence but I’m not convinced it works in reality or perhaps in our situation.

    Where have the nazis come from in Serbia? Have the increase in their numbers been because they were attacked by anti nazis? Have they EVER been attacked by anti nazis before? Who roughly has the support of the mainstream in Serbia? Obraz patriots or treacherous pro westerners (thats why anarchists are so good as the primative right wingers in Serbia dont understand who they are or whose side they are on).

    Who are the nazis? Are they ones who (like cowards) usually beat up women, gays, gypsies and other easy targets? Isnt it about time that they faced some real opposition?

    Perhaps in theory you are right Cvijus but in practice it has been far too long that the extreme right wing has had it their way in Serbia. In most western countries (Germany, United Kingdom etc) you have the right wing rabble but you also have the left who are prepared to fight the nazis. Perhaps I would not go so far as to say that its a sign of progress or democracy but look at it this way – if from now many demos are ‘guarded’ by hooded anarchists and the democratic right to protest is allowed, then I support the anarchists.

    They would be contributing to democracy in some way – unlike the Serbian police that just wait and watch.

  16. Viktor says:

    5th of October revolution was also planned as a violent protest in it’s core, after all the peacefull ones back in 96/97 brought weak results in the end, and it worked. There was no increase in violence after the 5th of October, just the opposite. I don’t like it, but sometimes it’s the only way to go.

  17. Blackbird says:

    I remember the National Front when they were pushing their movement in England, a couple or 3 decades ago. Organizations that would like to take away other peoples’ rights know well how to use democratic rights in democratic countries to get their evil message out. The same way that the islamists are using the democracies across Europe and the U.S. to do the same thing. I don’t know what to do about such groups, but my instinct is NOT to give them a voice even if it goes against the principle of free speech. However, the better way to go might be to let them demonstrate within very strict parameters and also allow free speech to their opposition to shout them down so they will skulk away, humiliated.

    I don’t understand (and I am very suspicious of) this idea that there are “neo-Nazis” who defend Kosovo for Serbia. Excuse me, but wasn’t it the actual German, or should I say mostly Italian and Albanian, Nazis who first came up with the idea of taking Kosovo away from Serbia? None of this computes.

    These so-called neo-Nazis are either nutcases or they are a group that has been set up to help the anti-Serbian propaganda, as though there weren’t enough of that already. All this has accomplished is to plaster headlines in the New York Times, and such, that neo-Nazis in Serbia oppose the independence of Kosovo (!!??!!). Now that is one SURE WAY TO MAKE SURE KOSOVO BECOMES INDEPENDENT.

  18. Sasha says:

    Viktor, sorry for the length of this reply. I just consider certain arguments an insult to even an average person’s intelligence.

    “The use of violence when your attacked is necessary for survival, but only for defensive reasons and only when attacked.”

    People of Novi Sad learned their lesson in 2005 when they were in fact attacked during an antifa seminar, and they also had plenty of opportunity to see it going on on the streets here and there every now and then. They also listened to this same group calling for beating up gays, they also heard about them beating up members of Women in Black. So, do you think people need to wait to be hurt every time ( and how many times,exactly, is enough?) before they decide to prepare to retaliate should history repeat itself?

    “Actually the best experience with neo-nazi demos is the German. “

    Sure. That’s why they are now panicking as to how to prevent the NPD to move into the Parliament. That’s why the same NPD is opening up their own bank… Great way to deal with it. Is that what we should wait for before we finally have an alibi to get upset? Allow them to flourish without insignia and it’s all cool. It’s not the insignia that’s problematic here, it’s what people who wear it ( or would like to wear it but are not allowed to) stand for. The fight should be against the essence of this ideology, not merely against it’s symbolic manifestations. Otherwise, it’s a joke.

    “Everyone has the right to protest, if we want to play it democratic, but some rules have to be set. Once they are broken, hell will be unleashed.”

    Yes. And the rules should first and foremost be very clear around the definition of democracy, free speech , and what is to be removed from it’s domain. Which – unfortunately, as long as we are debating (like some are doing here) whether or not it’s democratic to allow these ideologies to be promoted in an organized manner or any manner at all – we have no chance in hell of figuring out. That, in fact, is the most devastating and shameful thing regarding this whole incident.

    “However, crazy Canak called for violence before the demo”

    Yes, he did, and unfortunately so, but with a clear intention on provoking the official reaction that was shamefully absent. In my view, as long as we have no institutional response to these situations (i.e. police, government)- Canak is desperately needed, whether you like it or not. If you so don’t like him, go pressure the institutions to get their act straight. I have no intention on defending anyone, but not liking Canak, and believing that it was all for show, is a very, very poor excuse for relativizing the existence and true nature ( and scope) of ultra nationalism and neonacism in Serbia, and the true dangers of it. And it’s very shortsighted.

    “These so-called neo-Nazis are either nutcases or they are a group that has been set up to help the anti-Serbian propaganda, as though there weren’t enough of that already.”

    I am fairly sure now that these groups have in fact been set up to finally and completely destroy the image of Serbia. Look at it – they are giving the world the perfect excuse to now say – obviously they have these tendencies and obviously they don’t know how to deal with them, so the likelihood is that they won’t be able to deal with Kosovo either. So there you go, another reason for Kosovo to be independent. Thanks a bunch, “patriots”. You really helped your Serbia stay in one ( ever shrinking) piece.

  19. Viktor says:

    Nah… I think they are just nutcases.

  20. Blackbird says:

    I believe this neo-Nazi thing is a setup. I’m going to dig around to prove it.

    All Serbs should spit on them.

    And I don’t believe for one effing minute that the vast majority of the conservatives or so-called patriots, or even so-called Radicals in Serbia have anything in common with this scum. This is a setup and we need to know who, exactly, is behind it. I have my suspicions.

  21. Sasha says:

    I never submit to (in)famous conspiracy theories against Serbs, but when you look at all the contradictions and inconsistencies that blackbird listed ( and there are many more), you have to question reality:)

    All other things aside, these groups existed before and were certainly set up by a small number of social misfits who had to create their own niche because they weren’t accepted elsewhere, but I do perceive the increase in (political) activity, stronger “international relations” and organizational and promotional competencies that were not there before. So, if they’re not getting a push from somewhere, then the situation is even worse for us because it would mean they actually started attracting and recruiting more educated people with political interests. It’s still very small and ineffectual but it can snowball overnight.

    For once I agree with blackbird, that all Serbs, but also everyone else who loves Serbia and calls it their home, should be decidedly against them, regardless of political orientation.

  22. Viktor says:

    I wouls love to see you bust their cover, Blackbird, but…

    these groups exist for almost 20 years with the same ideology: they hate gypsies, jews, gays, everything they consider anti-Serbian etc. It just so happened that the increased patriotic sentiment oozing in the current and last government coincided with the increased use of internet and with the Kosovo situation coming to an end. Besides, who do you think is behind them? It must be someone who doesn’t mind independent Kosovo, right? So the choice comes down to: Soros, Ceda Jovanovic, and the CIA.

    They are nutcases, plain and simple.

  23. Blackbird,

    first of all, there were about a hundred fascist alltogether, and approx. 5000 thousand Anti’s, so it’s pretty obvious to anyone that the greatest part of our society doesn’t stand silent before fascism, and is ready to go out on the street to fight it.

    However, the reaction of the authorities is the issue and that’s where you should look for answers. Why didn’t the police arrest them the minute they showed up, when they had every right and our interior minister Dragan Jočić even promised they would do so?

    I mean, even if we, for the sake of this argument, postulate that George Soros had personaly financed, assembled and sent “Nacionalni Stroj” on the streets of Novi Sad, the only one blame for the resulting incident is still our police, with Dragan Jočić as capo di tutti capi, because THEY refused to do what was THEIR job and their responsibility, and that was to arrest these nutcases, lock them down and throw away the key.

  24. Cvijus says:

    Sascha, you missed my point apparently, I said that defending yourself is ok, being the first to throw the stone is not ok.

    Funny you mention the NPD. You see, the appearance of NPD in the German political life is reflecting the high degree of democracy in Germany. I had a talk with a professor of mine over here, who’s an expert on ultra-right extremism, he told me that in a democratic society you have to accept the good things and bad things, if you want to be a real democrat. Ha also said that by banning the NPD you don’t solve your problem, but rather increase and you should actually take a sociological approach on under what family-social-economic circumstances do these dumb kids grow up. Therefore, yes protest against nazism, no don’t ban anything and yes create an preventive educational policy for the long-run. As for Canak, he’s the same to me as Davidovic, only from a different ideology. The reaction of the state was fine by baning the march and arresting the nazis, but not sufficient. What is your perception of how should the state react?

    Viktore, as far as I remember from the 5th October, we were gassed by the police in the first place.

    Bg Anon, the presense of the neo-Nazis in Serbia I believe has been constant, but it is in the last period that they have got such a media attention. Nevertheless, I can’t answer to the questions you posed since I pose the same questions. As for “anarchist guards”, well… it can be, but necessarily.

  25. Dejan says:

    I feel obliged to contribute to the discussion:

    The nazis and fascists organize in well known groups (including, but not limited to Obraz, Nacionalni Stroj, Rasonalisti, and probably the most violent group Blood & Honour). I know it’s impossible for a rational mind to comprehend how people can subscribe to ideology that calls for themselves to be the lower race and thus extinct, but those idiots are HERE. They have only now sprung into public eye – which is good. They are a bit less strong than they were, because now we know that there is at least several thousand people who will stand up against them, even physically if police doesn’t. They are a bit more strong than they were, because we know that some influential political parties, such as DS, DSS, or even SRS and SPS and minority parties, will not stand up to them.

    Another thing – let’s be fair about the event. There was physical confrontation, and perhaps at the event itself the anti-fascists threw the first stone. But this was only after a decade of beating ups by the nazis, killed and attacked Roma, lists of Jews, etc.

  26. Ian Cresswell says:

    I hope you don’t mind me commenting on this from the UK.

    Looks like a storm in a teacup. A few hundred Nazis have a demo that is banned. Lots more anti-Nazis turn up and there is a bit of fighting. Lots of neo-Nazis get arrested.

    This kind of thing happens routinely in other european countries. In fact, I think it causes more tensions in countries with larger non white minority groups or recent immigrants.

    So far as I can see it wasn’t reported in the UK. Not prominently anyway. So I don’t see how you can argue the conspiracy theory about them being set up to destroy the image of Serbia. I did see a picture from a veterans march in Belgrade today about back pay they haven’t received.

    I actually thought the comments about Roma from a DSS politician were more serious, because that isn’t so normal and the guy wasn’t fired.

    A question though. How much public support do they have? As a comparison the BNP usually get just under 1% of the vote here although it’s more concentrated in some white working class areas of East London and the North of England. In the by-election for Tony Blair’s old seat in Durham they got 8.9%

  27. Blackbird says:

    In the comments section of this link there are some gems relating to this neo-Nazis matter.

  28. Viktor says:

    Yes, now i understand where you picked up the conspiracy theory from, Blackbird… that whole blog truly is a “gem”.

  29. Viktor says:

    Cvijus, about 5th of October: it’s not true that the police started first – the demonstrators attempted to enter the parliament building violently, as they were supposed to. Only then the police reacted with teargas but it didn’t help.

    The plan from the beggining was to violently take the government down on that day, the only way possible.

  30. Blackbird says:

    You make me laugh.

    No, I didn’t pick it up from there. I found it there after I questioned whether this was a setup. I have my own mind and you need to give me a little more credit, Viktor. But, then, that’s expecting a lot, I suppose.

    The Byzantine blog is honorable and well done, and what’s more it’s au currant and factual, with honest, direct and unpretentious analysis — in a direct contrast to most of your writing, so no wonder you don’t like it.

    You couldn’t hold your end up in a debate with Svetlana any day of the week. Anybody who thinks Balkan Brat’s blog is worth touting here is either living on a different planet than this one OR is a complete traitor to the truth.

    I can’t believe I share my slava with you.

  31. Eric says:

    Blackbird, dont let anyone ever dissuade you from this methodology:

    1) identify the conclusion you want to reach

    2) begin looking for information

    How could research ever be done any other way?

  32. Blackbird says:

    Is this kind of cheap shot your typical kind of retort?

    How do the comments I posted as being “of interest” to the topic confirm my own suspicions, which I, myself, said had to be looked into to be proven?

    Of course, this is the way to debate an issue, right, Eric? Belittle that which you don’t agree with and keep pushing your own agenda. Don’t, for God’s sake, entertain an opposing view, and you can make sure that your mind remains tiny.

  33. Sasha says:

    Cvijus, since I simply can’t agree with you on so many of your points, I won’t go into rhetorical overdrive, but I’ll answer your question: What is your perception of how should the state react?

    Both the government and the police should have reacted much sooner – definitely before Canak issued his call to come out and beat the crap out of neonacis, which, in that case,would be completely inappropriate, unnecessary and never would have happened. It is shameful that both had to be cornered into it. All parties should have condemned the neonaci assembly and the celebration of Himler’s birthday. Once the antifa protest was announced, all parties should have, at least, verbaly, supported the antifa cause , and given a very clear indication of our state’s orientation when it comes to fascism etc. Police should have dispersed the neonaci assembly at a different location, long before antifa demonstrators passed by it. Failing to do that, they should have pushed the neonaci inside the Pivnica or wherever, right away, to make way for antifa demonstrators, and then deal with the neonaci without publicity. Jocic should have resigned following the incident, as a matter of honour, since he personally guaranteed there will be no neonaci assembly, and no violence, yet both took place. This, simply put, means he either has no idea what he can or can not do, or what his forces are able (or willing) to do. Which, again, very simply means that he either does not know what he’s doing, or that he has absolutely no authority, but either way, that he is not the man for the job.

    That’s what I think the state should have done, and it should have been by default.What really happened and the (political) aftermath of it, is disgraceful.

    I agree with one thing though, whichever method the state chooses (once they decide to actually fight the creeping fascism) it should be followed by educational and social programs. Also, by strict laws defining domain of free speech, so we’re all on the same page, and by faster court processing times because the promptness of punishment is instrumental to its effectiveness.

  34. bganon says:

    Sasha I am not certain whether police action in this case was incompetance or planned. This has always been the million dollar question in these parts.

    This latest botch up by the police though isnt anywhere near the same level of that when Belgrade Mosque was set on fire/ looted. However, the priniple is similar – if possible dont get involved, let it happen then move in afterward. And plenty of ammunition for the politicians in both cases.

    My sense is that these botch ups are more by design that incompetance – that political parties are forever making cynical calculations, fearful that their opponents will catch them out somehow. In the latest case the calucation was likely that DSS decided that in some quarters it might be considered unpatriotic to clear the neo nazis out completely. We can see this inferred by Aligrudics statement trying to equalise a bunch of nazis with a legal political party – extremist or not. Absurd.

    Your solution of moving the nazis on sounds quite logical and slightly imaginative. I also have no confidence in the old guard being able to think outside of their stale parameters. You can bank on these type of people to not know / want to use new methods whether proven to work or not. They are stuck in their navike and thats it.

  35. Blackbird says:

    The problem is that when a people are downtrodden and without much hope for the future, they are easy prey for the neo-fascist recruiters. This has gone on in every country besides Germany, Italy and Croatia, including Britain, the U.S., etc., etc.

    When the National Front were allowed to march down main streets in London, we, their opposition, shouted them down, right there in the streets. The neo-fascists will always try to incite violence because they like it, it serves their purposes. They should be handled without it if possible, but they should be handled and not allowed to disrupt society with their vile beliefs, preying on the hopeless who are desperate for a sense of pride and dignity again and don’t see anywhere else to get it. Of course, most of those are also idiots.

    There is a difference to bear in mind between the way the modern Nazis are treated in Croatia, where they are accepted and almost revered, and in Serbia where all this trouble has come about because they wanted to show their faces. Again, you have these creeps in every society, but what is telling about that society is how much they are accepted by the general consciousness as a legitimate force.

  36. Sasha says:

    “My sense is that these botch ups are more by design that incompetance “

    This occured to me as a possibility when I saw the video of the arrests and Davidovic smiling at a cop as if they’re about to do some important business together, over a beer.

    You’re right, my solution is utopian, as is any other logical and common sense expectation as far as Serbian police or politicians are concerned. They clearly said in a statement after the incident, they were waiting for a lawful reason to react, which I guess would be actual physical violence – in which case something’s deeply wrong with Serbian police’s rules of engagement.

  37. bganon says:

    Blackbird I agree but what worries me is that in Serbia there is not unified, unqualified condemnation of these types of activities. For sure we should understand them but never justify or play down this kind of thing.

  38. Blackbird says:

    It worries me, bganon, that there seems to be no unified anything in Serbia. I can hardly recognize today’s Serbia where everyone is, apparently, out for himself now. It’s breathtaking what foreign intervention can do to a nation — it certainly doesn’t stop with demonization and usurping borders.

  39. Blackbird says:

    “The Phantom Menace Behind the Serbian Nazis”

  40. Viktor says:

    Cracks me up every time.

  41. Blackbird says:

    Perhaps a psychiatrist could figure out that particular comment.

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