Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

In defense of Entropa

Thanks to the Bulgarian ambassador in EU you have probably all heard of the art installation Entropa by the Czech artist David Cherny by now, and you have all probably heard that Bulgaria’s piece of the puzzle is represented by the Turkish toilet.

First of all, kudos to the Bulgarian ambassador in the EU for spreading the word! If it wasn’t for him, I doubt that anybody would ever find out that the country of Bulgaria is represented by the Turkish toilet.

bulgaria entropia
click the image to see some of the installations at slideshow

Second of all, I really don’t understand why so many people find themselves offended by this piece? On the other hand, it was probably meant to be provocative in the first place, so in that way congratulations to the author.

Third, coming from someone living in a country with a pretty bad reputation: an old saying goes that every joke contains half a joke. Or something like that… Anyway, accept some of the criticism and ask yourself why there is a stereotype about your country and the EU in the first place.

Last but not least, a question. Serbia is not a member of EU, but if it was, how do you think it would be represented in this entropic installation?

UPDATE: here’s a witty response from a Bulgarian artist (thanks for the link, Milos)
click for the larger picture
(click for the larger image)


14 Responses to “In defense of Entropa”

  1. Owen says:

    I don’t understand the network of arteries and veins linking the different soakaways.

  2. Media Mix says:

    I agree with you. There are certainly exaggerations in the way the nations have been shown, but, like, so what? Official complains are soooo funny. And ridiculous.

  3. Milos says:

    Here is a Bulgarian artist’s view of Europe:

  4. Emil says:

    ”...every joke contains half a joke” . Does it make sense?

  5. Owen says:

    Leaving the UK out completely wasn’t terribly subtle, but legit.

  6. [...] photos – here, here, and here; writes about yet another fight between tennis fans in Melbourne; wonders how Serbia would be represented on Entropa if it were part of the EU. Posted by Veronica Khokhlova  Print version Share [...]

  7. Viktor says:

    @Emil: well. if a joke is only half a joke, the other half must be the truth, right?

  8. petko says:

    Entropa degrades East European countries!

    This is the ART PROTEST of Petko Stoyanov against ENTROPA of David Cerny –

    David Cerny showed trivial stereotypes of some countries, and deep tragedies of other. This way he applied even stronger division of Europe.

    My proposal, as Bulgarian artist, is the critical project for Cerny’s art work as well as for real Europe’s inequality, divisions and problems. This is the same time very pro-European work, thanks to which the nations and EU could pay attention to really important problems of each country and aim to solve them.

    I think the deeper discussion should arise from the Cerny’s Entropa case, not only trivial provocation based on often funny for Cerny, but not seriously important stereotypes.

    What do you think? This is my answer here:

  9. Viktor says:

    Wow… you seem really offended by the original exhibition.

  10. ArtWerk says:

    Hi, I’m the Bulgarian guy who made the second map above. Just for the record – it wasn’t a response to Cerny’s work, I did it before I saw Entropa.

    But I agree with you and in retrospective, it could be taken as some sort of response. I think Entropa is a wonderful project. Bulgaria’s depiction is a bit harsh but the real problem is we’re a small nation and we take ourselves a bit too seriously. :)

  11. Viktor says:

    Hi Artwerk,
    thanks for dropping by! I added a link to your site together with a link to your flickr page.
    If this was done before Entropa, it’s even better :) I’m glad you are not offended by the exhibition, I still think that was not its goal in the first place.

  12. admic says:

    WWTCIR =)))))0000000(((((=

  13. admic says:

    H7kF8k =))))))))

  14. Trish Sarp says:

    It is tragic to learn that Amy passed away. What a waste of talent

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