Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Gaddafi’s Interview for Serbian TV Pink


Colonel Gaddafi just gave an interview to a Serbian TV station Pink, known for it’s turbo-folk and controversial reality TV shows. They managed to get the interview through Zoran Lilic, former Yugoslav president during Milosevic and Gaddafi’s personal friend, who flew to Libya to “facilitate” the process of transporting all the Serbs living in Libya to Serbia.

(Take a look also this article about TV Pink and it’s history)

I hope you speak Serbian or Arabic. I’ll try to do the transcript of the interview soon, though.

The interesting thing is – why did Gaddafi agree to give an interview to TV Pink, of all the media companies in the world? You have to really give it to them, all the journos in the world were abuzz today, and their website was down for most of the day.


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