Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Funny Ex-Yu Album Covers


In the good old days before we downloaded music song by song, the album cover was one of the elements that sealed the deal. It was there to show you what kind of music/product to expect for your money.
This is all just in theory, of course.
In reality, most musicians don’t really care about the album cover, or at least that’s the impression we get. This is an article about album covers from former Yugoslav republics that don’t care about the aesthetics.
(note: first person who began collecting funny album covers from ex-Yu is Miha Mazzini, Slovenian author, and some of the album covers are taken directly from his website. Please check out his hilarious but thorough analysis and comments too)

This is where Mike Myers got his idea for Austin Powers from:

Shoulder pads were all the rage back then. If you think this is pushing it too far, than wait for the next one.

See, I told you to wait for the next one.

This must’ve been a helluva party.

Classy, really classy.

I am taking a wild guess football wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the lyrics.

Not much to say here, except that Kico’s album cover was chosen as the worst Christmas album cover of all times by the British tabloid The Sun.

Legendary album cover, Saveta’s masterpiece was chosen on a number of occasions as the worst album cover in the world.

Note: believe it or not, this is NOT the real Samantha Fox. I’m not even sure if Samanta is her real name.

Another great catch by Miha Mazzini, the only mystery here is what he’s drinking from that strange looking cup.

Is she a karate master or a nurse?


Oh yeah. Glasses, haircut, mustache, chain and a designer wifebeater. You can’t go wrong with that combo.

Mica is somewhat of a living legend in these areas, with her lascivious lyrics and controversial album covers. This one leaves a lot to the imagination. Or not.

I swear to god I did not just photoshop this one together. It was probably made when photo-montage wasn’t even invented.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous.

This is an album cover shoot.

This is another album cover shoot. Brilliant! Two album covers done in under one minute.

The look on her face says the album’s name: “A Woman Drinks Too When She Is Leaving”. But you already knew that. From the look on her face.

“I’m so cool with my what my hair looks like that I won’t even put my cigarette out for this cover shoot.”

No, they’re not triplets, it’s just one guy who can’t decide what angle his Dracula teeth look best from.

I think they tried to go with that “I don’t know how much more I can take this job” look.

Do not look at his crotch. Do NOT look at his crotch. And now You can’t look away…

It’s so sad when your loved one is exploring space and you are stuck watching sheep.

“I declared war on subtleness, and I won.”


29 Responses to “Funny Ex-Yu Album Covers”

  1. Vladimir says:

    Epic collection! :D

  2. igor says:

    great post!keep up the good job on your blog and thanks!

  3. Gogy says:

    Nice one, my man!

  4. Ralph says:

    Even I’m getting melancholic. The irony is that I missed Holland seeing this covers. For years I’ve been buying a lot of these records every time I came to Belgrade, just for the covers. And than carried these back to Holland (and these things are heavy). Now I live in Belgrade, and all the albums are somewhere in boxes in a basement in Holland, and I’m living in Belgrade…

    And thanks to Zeljko I now know that not only girls have the right to have a camel-toe!

  5. Medico says:

    I have no objections generally, but the last cover is totally misread.

    The record was cut in the early seventies when Tito was very much alive and kicking and when these songs of the Serbian soldiers in The Great War were very much frowned upon. It took great deal of courage to print such a “counter-revolutionary” cover, and if the singer was not so popular he would have probably lended in jail .

    It was practically forbidden to praise the heroic fight of Serbian solders against three empires (Austro-Hungarian, German and Bulgarian) which cost Serbia one half of the entire male populace (over a million men and boys).

    I suggest the author of this collection takes this one out.

  6. Dejan says:

    Fantastic collection! Well done!

    And Yes, I agree with Medico (above), last cover is show of courage and ‘taking a piss’ rather than kitch…

  7. The Alps and the Danube used to provide these people safety from their more decorous neighbors to the north and west.

  8. Goran says:

    Ha ha ha.. ;)

    Sjajno!.. ;)


  9. slavoljub says:

    Show us what covers was from 1950-th years on britsh c market records. I think it was same

  10. plazmakeks says:

    Bebek,balls na razdeljak.

  11. Luk says:

    I’m gonna die laughing! hahaha

  12. kate says:

    the woman with the hairy legs wins :D

  13. The last one is killer. When a gun is not enough to enlarge the small penis of a military asshole, just use a canon.

  14. [...] This post on Belgraded reminds me that I should revisit my dusty old collection of Yugoslav vinyl. [...]

  15. xaxa says:


  16. Master Blaster says:

    Heary legs,gun for a penis,yellow trousers,showing one’s dignity ,lots of sheep- showing the real origine of culture,sex ofcourse- how could s thing be sold otherwise… and the massage is clear – Noone Is Greater Then Us! :) ))

  17. superseva says:

    best of the best

  18. Wild Rooster says:

    I’ve been buying up single covers to make an interesting artwork on a wall at home. There is a wealth of riches out there to chose from!

  19. mod says:

    epic kill ;) )))) rofl !!!

  20. Marko says:

    The covers were naives but every song inside N 1.That was a style of that period of Yu,unbeliveble

  21. Neno says:

    The covers are great, but the comments are even better!
    Well done!!!

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  27. Nina says:

    Hvala za ovaj vremeplov :) ulepsao mi je vece i instant popravio raspolozenje.

  28. nenad says:

    kakva su to vremena bila, Nostalgija me drma

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