Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Are you ready for BlogOpen?

Because if you are, more than a half spots available have already been reserved, so you better hurry up and applyNovember 10th, Novi Sad.

What? You don’t know what BlogOpen is? I presume you have been living under a rock lately, in which case you might know the whereabouts of Mladic, and reading this might be another thing to consider first.

Where was I…

BlogOpen about to happen in Novi Sad, on November 10th, is a historical, traditional, second bloggers’ and readers’ meeting in Serbia in Serbia’s short history. (I’ve been thinking about this, are we, technically speaking, the youngest state in the world right now?) So that basically translates as history in the making and if you can’t be there you are seriously diminishing your chances of making it in the history books. If the first BlogOpen meeting in Pancevo was, metaphorically speaking, a great success! than the second one is going to be an ùber-mega-giga success. The number of bloggers increased in the meantime so the organizers needed a much bigger room than that tiny cafe we had in Pancevo. In Novi Sad Spens conference halls there is now room for approx 5 times as many people to come and meet the blogosphere stars of the region formarly known as the country formarly known as Yugoslavia, learn something new from them and quite possibly teach them a thing or two.

If you managed to read this far without problems, than reading the BlogOpen programme, applying and attending 10th of November in Novi Sad should not come as a major problem for you (but if it does, it’s my fault again, cause it was me who translated it to English).

P.S. Help create a buzz in the English speaking world, because the Serbo-Croato-Bosniako-Montenegro-Macedono-Sloveno speaking world is already buzzing!

(Did I mention there’s a party as well? And a lunch with real Serbian food. And rakija. And girls dancing on the tables… no, wait, that’s Gucha. But the party, lunch and rakija – yes.)


3 Responses to “Are you ready for BlogOpen?”

  1. Moošema says:

    Thank you, Viktor! The English speaking blogosphere buzz is what we need.

    It’s also worth of mentioning that consecutive translation Serbian into English and vice versa will be provided as well as a free WiFi covering the space of 2.000 square meters. Everything else, including food and rakija, depends on personal capacity ;)

  2. bganon says:

    I hope to be putting in an appearance after my non-show in Pancevo last year.

    The food and the rakija I must say, will further sweeten the event. See you there.

  3. Frank says:

    Oh, sure, just schedule it after I’ve left Crna Gora. [insert mad smiley here]

    Seriously, what a great idea! Enjoy, knowing all the while there is a seething, jealous American sans cevap or rakija on the other side of the pond. :)

    I’ll see what I can do to add a smidgen of buzz.

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